Our mission is to change kids' lives through outdoor experiences and fishing which is why we say it is #FishingThatEmpowers!

Hooks & Camo is about Changing the way Kids Fish and Experience the Outdoors. Our mission is to change kids lives through outdoor experiences and fishing which is why we say it is #FishingThatEmpowers!

It started when Elijah, Matt and Ciara all had a desire to start a YouTube channel after watching one of Eli’s favorite channels. But, the question arose, what should it be about? During Ciara’s prayer time, she felt God impress upon her that it should be a fishing channel! When she went to share her Revelation to Matt, he got very excited, because he had just got done reading his Bible and came across…. (Go fish!??) So Hooks & Camo came together as the perfect Trifecta of desire, reading and prayer. Psalm 37:4 Says, “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Eli was of course over the top excited, because his desire was coming into fruition and he was going to be on T.V.!!

So, after a new boat purchase, a couple dozen rods and more bait than one could use in a year, our family adventure show began! (Haha!!)

Now we want to extend that legacy to kids and families all over who can truly benefit from the experiences and adventures that Eli loved. At Hooks & Camo, 50% of all of our profits go towards taking kids and teens fishing and on outdoor adventures with USCG Certified Captains. Some of the Children and families we help are:

* Kids who have lost a loved one
* Kids who never have had the opportunity to go fishing
* Generally children and families in need of healing and adventure.
* Teens in Need of Direction

50% of our profits are used to take or send kids and families fishing and on outdoor adventures.