Elijah “Eli” Vincent Aubin was born on June 5, 2014 and has always been full of joy and enthusiasm. Although he only lived on this planet for a very short 4, almost 5 years, his impact was huge! Eli has an electric smile that could make even the grouchiest person turn their frown upside down. Eli has always been a natural encourager and made friends everywhere he went. Eli loves his family fiercely and would do anything to protect his younger brothers. If asked what his favorite things are, he would say kitties, race cars and fishing!

Eli was very in tune with spiritual matters for such a young boy. We would call him Prophet Elijah, because it was obvious that he heard from God. And, when Eli prayed, things happened! He has been made famous for his stories of praying for the rain to stop, AND it stopped! Many times. If he wanted it to rain, his prayers were answered. If Eli lost a toy, he would pray to find it and he would. At school, Eli was known by his teacher for telling her that Jesus is his best friend. And, he would often tell us that he wanted to share Jesus with his friends, but he was concerned about whether or not they would believe him. We just encouraged him by letting him know it is only our job to share and it’s God’s job to reveal truth. A couple more very special things about Eli is that often talked about Heaven. He would often say, “Mom it will be SO great when we get to go to Heaven!”

Eli also happily gave 10% of his allowance away and just a few weeks before his departure to Heaven, Eli told us he wanted to give all his money to God. So, keeping true with his request, after his passing into eternity, we counted the money in his blue bank and gave it to our church. This amount was $29.85. And, that is why our Premium T Shirts are $29.85 to support Hooks and Camo’s mission to honor Eli